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Alumni & Friends Association Raising Money For Student Scholarships

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Alumni & Friends Association Raising Money For Student Scholarships


Together We Innovate.  Together We Educate.  Together We Succeed.

Why CI alumni give.

CI alumni give because they believe in CI's mission.
CI alumni give because they received support while attending CI and want to pay that generosity forward.
CI alumni give because they are one of the many CI success stories and want to continue those experiences for future students.
But mostly, alumni give simply because of the fond memories of their time spent at CI.


Why CI raises funds from private donations.

Donations go a long way in helping to make the CI experience even more extraordinary and meaningful, especially in terms of student support. While some of the operational costs are covered by public funding, many academic and student programs would not be possible without private donations. Through the Alumni & Friends Association fund, CI raises private money to support student scholarships that provide higher education to those who may not have the opportunity. The CI Alumni & Friends Association (A&FA), as part of the CSU Channel Islands University Foundation Board, is an independent non-profit corporation serving CSU Channel Islands, and supports the mission of CI. It is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


What your gift does for CI.

Donations made to the A&FA Endowed Student Scholarship helps current CI students achieve their higher education dreams.
  • The A&FA Endowed Student Scholarship


What you can do.

Click your graduating class (under Graduating Classes on the right) and give $14 or more to participate in CI’s Class Giving Challenge. If each alumni who has attended CI gives at least $14, we can raise over $100,000!

The Class Giving Challenge will be measured in two ways:
  • Greatest class amount given
  • Greatest class participation
The winning classes will be awarded a plaque hung in the Alumni & Friends office.. We will recognize the winners at the Distinguished Alumni Awards Event in May.


Accept the challenge now and show your support for CI!

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